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Dance Harmony
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 by Serena and Genevieve

Dance Harmony is the best ballroom dance studio I've ever been too. Martin and Liene are such talented professional teachers. In my 2 years at Dance Harmony, when Martin is dancing he never misses a beat and he always keeps up with the music. The decor there is very welcoming and very nice. Thank for the 2 years at Dance Harmony

Serena and Genevieve

 by Carla Hecht

Dance Harmony is the nicest studio I've experienced in all my years of dancing. Martin and Liene are talented professionals with a true passion for dancing. They are always patient and lessons are tailored to fit the needs of each student. I always leave feeling like I've learned something new. The atmosphere is fun, relaxed and welcoming.

 by Beryle Baker

There are three good reasons why Martin Reinbold is considered a dance teacher extraordinaire whose motto is: “There is always more.”  First, Martin never misses a beat when it comes to accentuating the best in his students.  He always  extends a positive, encouraging and persistent attitude.  Second, when Martin introduces a new dance figure or concept, he is always on point ---he will demonstrate or sketch it.  Finally, my dance teacher extraordinaire “keeps me on my toes”  by providing exercises that will strengthen my posture and balance.   To this end,  I am learning to practice my routines by using dumbbells!  All in all, as a result of these experiences, I am excited about learning because I realize that “There is always more.”

 by Rick Walters

I have taken lessons with Liene for three years. She is an excellent dance partner, very knowledgeable, an exceptional instructor and very patient. She is also a lot of fun.

Martin is also an excellent coach.

Both of them have converted this old, clumsy, former high school football player into a Ballroom dancer. If they can do this for me, they can succeed with anyone. Liene and Martin are great. I highly recommend them!

 by Donna Terrell

Just Dance Atlanta, and Martin & Liene Reinbold are truly wonderful!

I have been ballroom dancing for eight years and recently found myself in need of a new studio and Pro/Am Coach. I already knew them both as dancers, acquaintances, and occasionally attended their workshops. So it was a logical choice to contact them.

Fourteen lessons into my Pro/Am partnership with Martin, I am thrilled and amazed at how quickly he has improved my power, posture, and appearance on the dance floor. Now both Martin & Liene are trusted guides of my dance journey and more than acquaintances. They are now my friends. It is ALWAYS a joy to be around either of them!!

If you are looking to improve your dancing, have a fun time, and learn from a top level, world class team, I highly recommend Martin & Liene Reinbold and Just Dance Atlanta.

 by Francesca

I love ballroom dancing and I strive to become the best dancer I can be. To reach my amateur dancing goals, I entrust my training to the expert lead of Martin and Liene Reinbold. The most important gifts they have given me are their firm believe that I can go further, that I can do better, their undivided attention to each of my movements, and their superior teaching abilities. Not all great dancers can teach. But when we are on the dance floor, I am transformed, no aches, no pain, my worries slip away, and I find myself in a magical world of beautiful music and dance, I can feel, almost palpate, my desire to grow as a dancer, and, Martin’s superb leading offers me a calming confidence.

Liene and Martin are much more than the impeccably elegant, beautiful silhouettes gliding softly to the sound of music under the spotlight; I dare say they breathe dance. They are superb ballroom dancers, creative choreographers, great leaders, who, through their dance, reveal the essence of their beautiful souls. Their exquisite skills, coupled with their love for dance, make their performances riveting, it is a cathartic experience.

Liene and Martin are my coaches since 2013, the year I was first introduced to ballroom dancing. They coached me and my instructor on our dancing, timing, musicality, grace of movements, and, most of all, in the understanding the different dances, their unique styles, the importance of interpretation and that of giving life to movements that go beyond the learned pattern or routine. In helping me understanding how to execute each figure, they taught me how to connect the dance with the deepest parts of my being, how to read my own and my partner’s movements, so that, by being in synchrony, we can deliver a beautiful, flowing, art form. Liene and Martin offer me and each of their students individualized instruction, so that each can advance far past their own expectations

We dancers know that there is no substitute for excellency in coaching. In Martin and Liene, I have – and you will find- two of the very best coaches in Ballroom Dancing.

I consider the coaching lessons I receive from Liene and Martin the greatest of gifts; their coaching has transformed me, and, at 66, I no longer fear my arthritis, but I long for progress in my dancing. When Martin agreed to prepare me and to be my gentleman lead in future competitions, I could not help but feeling humbled. So, I drive every week from Knoxville, TN to Atlanta, GA, so that for a few precious hours, I can breathe dance alongside Martin, under Liene’s superb coaching. And I would drive much further, because Liene and Martin give me a special gift not many Ballroom Teachers can give their students. With Martin, I finally understood the concept of common center, the importance of dancing in unison, the importance of pendulum swing, how this differs from side swing, and the importance of foot closure, to mention a few things. Best of all, I can visualize what is required of my body to achieve elegance in ballroom dancing. Am I where I wish to be? No, not yet, but every day I dance I am a bit more confident I will get there.

Dancing has done so much for me, ballroom dancing is helping me through the hardships of life. So, Yes To Ballroom Dancing! And a heartfelt Thank You to Liene and Martin for the joy their dancing bring me.

 by Lisa and Andy Cubbon

Andy and I started training as a competitive amateur couple in Ballroom dance about 20 years ago. Our coach retired and we started taking lesson with Martin about a year ago.

What a teacher! We have learned so much about our dancing and how to be better dancers. Our technique is must stronger and we are moving better and more freely.

Martin is focused and while it’s a hard lesson, we always feel like we have made progress when we are done!

We are so pleased that Martin and Liene are there for us. We hope to be on the competition floor in a few months.

 by Linda Suesserman

Martin - Dancing & competing with him has truly enriched my life. His integrity, professionalism & teaching ethic is beyond words. What amazes me most is Martin's infinite patience & the creativity he uses to explain the intricate techniques. He challenges me & bottom line is - he does care, which is very obvious. Martin, thank you for being such an amazing & knowledgeable teacher!! I love dancing & competing with you!Liene - Coaching with her has been the most wonderful gift!! She is so talented & such a beautiful dancer. The knowledge she imparts & the specific way she does explain dance has helped me more than I can express.Watching Liene & Martin dance is pure grace & elegance .... They both are so inspirational. I'm very proud to be their student & to be part of “Just Dance Atlanta"

 by Kris Ferguson

Before I found Liene and Martin, I was ready to quit ballroom dancing. After 5 yrs. of lessons, I should have been better.

In a year Martin has made such a difference in my confidence and my dancing, that I continue to drive the 3 hours to learn from him.

The formal education and experience, both he and Liene have comes across in their passion for ballroom dance. This can only be surpassed by their love of teaching ballroom dance.

 by Marvin

Just Dance Atlanta is the cure for my "two left feet" .... They provide an environment that promotes success, helps one achieve goals personalized & tailored just for them. Competitive students, social dancers, group classes, wherever you're at, there is opportunity for you to learn & thrive. Just Dance Atlanta changes lives & helps fulfill your passion & love of dance. Marvin …

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