New NDCA Rule for Competitors

Starting in 2019, all Dance Harmony Professional, Amateur, and Pro/Am students who plan on competing in NDCA sanctioned events need to be registered and licensed ahead of time.  This, according to the NDCA website, is in order to “begin the development of the first ‘Official United States of America Ranking’ for NDCA licensed competitors”.

There is already so much to do to prepare for a competition. The NDCA does not want to make it harder or exclude anybody from being able to participate.  You can apply for a Pro/Am license one of three ways:

A. Dancers may register directly with the NDCA
B. Dancers may be registered by their teacher who would submit the dancer’s name with the teacher’s address, etc as the contact point.
C. Dancers may be registered by their studio which would submit the dancer’s name and the studio address, etc as the contact point.

The Pro/Am license is good for the year and comes at a cost of $25.00.

Of course, Martin and Liene are experts and will be more than happy to help you with this!

If you would like to read the exact ruling it can be found on the NDCA website, or just click through here. The official statement was posted to the NDCA News page on 7/24/18 and will go into effect for the 2019 year.

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