A Celebratory Week at Dance Harmony

September was certainly a busy month here at Dance Harmony! We’re catching our breath just in time for Carolina Fall Classic.

We had Loreta Kriksciukaityte visiting us for a few days. Loreta is based out of Boca Raton and is co-owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio. She is a professional Latin dancer and teacher with a long list of performances and competitions that recommend her as one of the best.

Loreta at competition in a blue dress with partner.
Professional Latin dancer Loreta.

Loreta was kind enough to share her experience with our private students as well as host a Turn Techniques in Latin Advanced Class. We had dancers of all ages eager to benefit from Loreta’s exemplary Latin skills. Her class had a great turn out and everyone who participated had a great time and really took something away from the experience.

Loreta teaching a class of Dance Harmony students
Turn Techniques in Latin Advanced Class

Right on the heels of Loreta, Dance Harmony celebrated our one-year anniversary with a party!

The studio looked beautiful. We had a spectacular flower arrangement brought in from Wow Floral Designs:

Red, green, and white flower arrangement
Flower arrangement by Wow Floral Designs

This arrangement, in the dim lights of the party, looked ethereal and really enhanced the elegance of the night. She also does our flowers out front.

We had balloons, roses on the tables, and the counter turned into a beautiful display of French delicacies and champagne for a toast. In case you weren’t sure, every dessert offered was divine.

French pastries, flowers, and champagne flutes in black and white
French pastries, flowers, and champagne flutes

The live jazz band that set up under the logo on the wall did a terrific job, as did our singer for the night. We had phenomenal performances from some of our young dancers, who will be competing at Carolina Fall Classic this year.

Three young competition dancer girls posing black and white
The girls posing after their performances.

Of course, everyone came out to celebrate with Martin and Liene for all of their successes this past year.

Couple toasting in black and white
Martin and Liene toasting
Instructor and performers posing black and white
Liene with Christopher and Stasya
Instructor posing with students black and white
Liene with Victoria and Evan

Then, in true Dance Harmony fashion, we had a party with plenty of dancing! Everyone looked fantastic.

Couple dressed formally posing black and white
Celebrating with poise, style, and elegance
Child performer showing off his studio hat
Christopher in his Dance Harmony hat and performance outfit
Three women dressed formally black and white
Some of our beautiful dancers having a good time
Couple dressed formally sitting and posing black and white
Taking a break from dancing
Four women dressed formally black and white
These stunning women are brightening up the studio and the party

It was a perfect celebration of Martin and Liene, only to be made better by Dance Harmony’s continued success and everyone who loves, dances at and supports this studio.

After all, There Is Always More!

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