Liene Reinbold

Studio Owner, Dance Instructor, Coach, Ballroom Dance Professional


Liene was born in Riga, Latvia and started taking dance lessons at the age of 4. Ever since she has competed in national and international ballroom dance competitions in many European countries. At the age of 18 she moved to Lithuania to study ballroom dancing at the Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) in Kaunas. A year later she met her current dance partner Martin Reinbold and formed a long lasting bond. In 2000, after graduating from LSU with Bachelor’s degree in Ballroom Dance, Liene continued her graduate studies in Riga, Latvia. In 2002, she graduated with Master’s diploma in Small Business Management.

Competing with Martin as an amateur until 2005, and then as professional, Liene had represented Latvia and Lithuania in many dance competitions, including World, European, and regional championships, UK Open, British Open, International Open, and German Open Dance Championships.

In 2009 Liene and Martin started competing in the United States and their performance did not stay unnoticed – they were offered  top tier dance instructor positions in a leading dance studio in Atlanta, GA. Since 2011 they have called Atlanta home.

Liene is a highly demanded dance professional: coach, competitor, teacher, and choreographer. She works with students from Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, and New York.

Liene was awarded a prestigious Top Teacher award at the United States Dance Championships in 2015 and 2016.

Liene is an active member of National Dance Council of America (NDCA) and World Dance Council (WDC). She is Certified Dance Teacher, Certified Professional Competitor, and Certified Ballroom Dance Adjudicator.